Homework Help


The internet is packed with tools and rescources to help students of all ages. Below is an exerpt of links from the Learning Tools section of our Homework Help page. It is available to our students day and night and adds a world of real life examples to there textbooks.

Instacalc.com - This new and refreshingly different Online Calculator is making exciting innovations, also has a great conversion tool.

Merriam-Webster - Free online dictionary, thesaurus, audio pronunciations, word games, and other English language resources.

Encyclopedia Smithsonian - Full Smithsonian Resources and Answers to Questions from Art to Zoo, Science, History and Culture.

AskA+ - Provides resources, links, and emails to ask experts and specialists your hard to answer questions on every subject.

Library of Congress - The very best of the libraries exibits and extensive rescources for research and education.

Scientific American and Scientific American Mind - The monthly and quarterly publications focusing on current science, technology the mind and the brain, includes science trivia and games.