This Terms and Conditions Agreement is to be accepted by both parent and student before enrollment.

Personal Identity Information:
To better serve our parents and students, we have adopted the following privacy policies:

The information that you provide to American Distance Learning Academy will be verified and considered correct. We collect two types of information about students and parents: Personal information (such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, SSN, DL #, credit card information if you enroll in our High School, etc.) which you have voluntarily submitted to us, and Aggregate information (such as information about how many visitors log on to our sites, the pages they access, IP addressed, etc.)

With the acceptance of this Agreement, student and parent certifies that the student information given is accurate and that the student will be taking the classes and completing all assignments, furthermore student and parent agree that if student information is found to be deliberately false, student enrollment may be terminated without refund.

Maximum Time to Complete Class:
Students must complete all class work, including assignments and tests, within 1 year of enrolling the class. In the event of a calendar year passing, without class completion, students will be given an Incomplete for that class. To re-enroll in their class and finish the work a re-enrollment fee of $125 must paid for each class that has lapsed. Until class work is complete, there Official Transcript will reflect the Incomplete for each lapsed class.

Cheating and Plagiarism:
Cheating is the actual or attempted practice of fraudulent or deceptive acts for the purpose of improving one's grade or obtaining course credit; such acts also include assisting another student to cheat. Any and all actions by a student that are intended to gain an unearned academic advantage will be considered cheating.

Plagiarism is a specific form of cheating which consists of the misuse of the published and/or unpublished works of others by misrepresenting the material as one's own work. Plagiarism includes: taking someone else’s assignment or portion of an assignment and submitting it as your own, submitting material written by someone else or rephrasing the ideas of another without giving the author’s name or source, presenting the work of tutors, parents, siblings, or friends as your own, submitting papers written by someone else as your own and supporting plagiarism by providing your work to others, whether you believe it will be copied or not.

With the acceptance of this Agreement, student and parent certifies their acknowledgement of our Zero Tolerance for Cheating and Plagiarism Policy. If any student is found to be cheating or plagiarizing, they will receive an Failing Grade for the course and student enrollment may be terminated without refund.

Tuition Agreement:
Once you have accepted and placed a charge on your credit card for our program, you are obligated to pay for the services rendered by American Distance Learning Academy staff and associates. If you cancel within 14 business days of the day you signed the Agreement, you will receive a refund of all money you have paid to the school, less the non-refundable $150.00 registration fee. If you are on a payment plan and fail to make a payment your entire tuition obligation will become due and payable immediately, and you will no longer be entitled to any refund. Late Payment will have a fee of $25 a month, per month until paid in full. If you submit as a payment a check, draft, or money order which is dishonored, you will be charged a fee of $35.00. Any outside costs for tools and supplies, above and beyond class tuition and online books, are the responsibility of the students or parents to purchase and provide.

To receive Official Transcripts, students must be paid in full for their tuition and pay the Transcript Fee (currently $25.00). Colleges honor diplomas from high schools on a per school basis. We will work with all colleges to show the curriculum is nationally accepted and was completed by the student to meet the acceptable requirements was enough to fulfill there requirements. The receiving of a diploma from American Distance Learning Academy does not guarantee acceptance into any college, as with public education you are accepted on their evaluation process. This may include taking the SAT and ACT and providing the college with the results of your scores. We will provide you with a transcript and a letter of reference according to the amount of work and grades you obtained from our school.

Refund Policy:
We stand behind our service 100% and offer a 14-day refund guarantee on our services. You may request cancellation in writing within 14 days of the day you agreed to enrollment and payment. Refunds must be authorized and approved by American Distance Learning Academy associates.

If any student or parent disputes or denies a valid charge, you will immediately be sent for collection and reported to credit agencies, a $50 fee for Dispute Processing and a $25 per month Late Fee will be added to your total. Transcripts for students will not be released until student account is paid in full.

Final Notices:
Any holder of this consumer contract is subject to all claims and defenses which the debtor could assert against the seller of goods or services obtained pursuant hereto or with the proceeds hereof, recovery hereunder by the debtor shall not exceed the amount paid by the debtor hereunder.

The Terms and Conditions Agreement must be honored and accepted by both the student and the parent or guardian.  The parent or guardian approves all of the student's acceptance and obligations under this Agreement. 

Your acceptance of this Agreement indicates you have read and understood the terms of this Agreement. By checking the checkbox labeled "I have read and agreed to Terms and Conditions Agreement, privacy and return policy of this site." and processing a payment to American Distance Learning Academy constitutes an acceptance of this agreement by both parent and student.