Transcript Evaluation

Evaluation of transcripts from other high schools is a relatively short process. The American Distance Learning Academy (ADLA) Office of Admissions evaluates transcripts from other High Schools to determine acceptance of courses towards ADLA diploma requirements. Accepted credits are classified as Direct Equivalencies or as Elective Credits. Course syllabi or course descriptions may be required in order to assist in the evaluation of transfer credits.

A certified transcript from your previous learning institution is required before courses are evaluated for transfer credit and added to your academic file in the Student System.

Transferred credits are identified as "transfer" on your ADLA transcript. A grade of "C" or better is required in order for a course to be evaluated and accepted for transfer credit. Accepted credits and grades from previous institutions will be calculated as part of your ADLA GPA.


Enrollment and Classes

During the enrollment process student will select their classes. These classes will not be enabled until the Guidance Department has received and reviewed the official transcript from the student's previous school.

Upon review of the student's transcript; if the student is not eligible to take the classes they enrolled for, the Guidance Counselor will contact the student and parents with appropriate course changes. Students may also change there courses within 2 weeks of registration by contacting their ADLA Guidance Counselor.