Accreditation is assurance that an educational institution practices the processes necessary to traceably promote the health, safety, physical, mental and educational development of the students it serves.

American Distance Learning Academy meets and lives up to a high set of educational and business standards that few other Online Learning programs ever achieve. Very few correspondence programs are registered or have earned accreditation. American Distance Learning Academy is registered with the State of Florida Department of Education and is accredited by NPSAA (National Private Schools Accreditation Alliance).  Our accreditation assures you that our program has competent faculty, offers academically sound and up-to-date courses, and has been thoroughly inspected and approved by outside educational experts.

National Private Schools Accreditation Alliance
NPSARC is dedicated to serving the needs of the K-12 Private School Industry in the United States. NPSARC Accredits Preparatory Schools, Academies, Tutoring & Learning Centers, Military Schools, Boarding Schools, Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, High Schools, Preschools and Religious Schools.  NPSARC also Accredits some Post Secondary and Technical Programs.


American Distance Learning Academy is a Member of:

North American Council for Online Learning
The mission of the North American Council for Online Learning (NACOL) is to increase educational opportunities and enhance learning by providing collegial expertise and leadership in K-12 online teaching and learning. Online teaching and learning has the potential to transform education. NACOL is dedicated to fostering a learning landscape that promotes student success and lifelong learning. Online learning is a viable option that allows every learner to achieve a quality education.

National Coalition of Alternative Community Schools
Their mission is to unite and organize a grassroots movement of learners and learning communities dedicated to participant control, liberation from all forms of oppression, and the pursuit of freedom.

National Association for Bilingual Schools
Promoting educational excellence and equity through bilingual education, the National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE) is the only national organization exclusively concerned with the education of language-minority students in American schools.

The National Education Association (NEA) is promoting fundamental changes in how we teach and learn with a Standards Guide to Online High School Courses (PDF, 700K, 32 pg) to facilitate and expand the use of online programs by equipping all those involved in education to make decisions regarding quality online courses.