2007 - 2008 Graduation Requirements


4 credits, with major concentration in composition, reading for information, and literature
4 credits, one of which must be Algebra I or its equivalent, or a higher-level mathematics course
3 credits in natural science, two must have a laboratory component
Social Studies
1 credit world history, 1 credit American history, .5 credit American govt. & .5 credit economics
Fine Arts
1 credit in fine arts
Physical Education
1 credit in physical education to include the integration of health information, and literature
Majors, Minors, or Electives
8 credits - 4 credits in a major area of interest & 4 credits in elective courses
24 credits
Additional Requirements
Grade Point Average (GPA) Requirements
Cumulative GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale

Our Graduation Requirements may varie from your home state. Links to all US States Graduation Requirements are in the list below and may be compaired to our Graduation Program.



Complete Listing of National Standards for Graduation:

Individual State Requirements:
Alabama Course of Study
Alabama Extended Standards
Alaska Alternate Assessment Standards
Alaska Content Standards
Alaska Early Learning Guidelines
Alaska Grade Level Expectations
Alaska Performance Standards
Arizona Academic Standards
Arizona Functional Standards
Arizona Grade Level Articulations
Arizona Professional Teacher Standards
Arkansas Curriculum Framework
Arkansas Early Childhood Education Framework for 3 and 4 Year Old
Arkansas Goals
Arkansas Grade Level Benchmarks
California Content Standards
California Content Standards for CAPA
California Curriculum Frameworks
Colorado Assessment Frameworks
Colorado Building Blocks for Early Learning
Colorado Expanded Benchmarks
Colorado Grade Level Examples (Formerly Expectations)
Colorado Model Content Standards
Connecticut Curriculum Framework Companion
Connecticut Curriculum Frameworks
Connecticut Curriculum Trace Maps
Connecticut Preschool Curriculum Framework
Delaware Content Standards
Delaware Early Learning Foundations for School Success
Delaware Grade Level Expectations
Delaware Performance Indicators
District of Columbia Performance Standards
District of Columbia Standards for Teaching and Learning
Florida Special Diploma Performance Objectives
Florida Sunshine State Standards
Florida Sunshine State Standards with Grade Level Expectations
Florida Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Standards
Georgia End of Course Test
Georgia Performance Standards
Georgia Pre-K Program Content Standards
Georgia Quality Core Curriculum Standards
Hawaii Content Standards
Hawaii General Learner Outcomes
Hawaii Performance Indicators
Hawaii Performance Standards
Idaho Content Standards
Idaho Power Standards - These are Obsolete 11/7/05
Illinois Assessment Framework
Illinois Early Learning Standards
Illinois Learning Standards
Illinois Performance Descriptors
Indiana Academic Standards
Indiana Foundations to the Indiana Academic Standards
Iowa Core Content Standards and Benchmarks
Iowa Early Learning Standards
Iowa Grade Level Indicators for Iowa Tests
Iowa Performance Level Descriptors
Iowa Teaching Standards and Model Criteria
Kansas Application Indicators
Kansas Combined Documents
Kansas Curriculum Standards
Kansas Early Learning Standards
Kansas Extended Standards
Kansas Instructional Examples
Kentucky Core Content for Assessment
Kentucky Learning Goals and Academic Expectations
Kentucky Program of Studies - Enduring Knowledge
Kentucky Program of Studies - Skills and Concepts
Louisiana Adult Education Content Standards
Louisiana Content Standards
Louisiana Grade Level Expectations
Louisiana Standards for Programs Serving Four-Year-Old Children
Maine Accountability Standards
Maine Grade Level Expectations
Maine Learning Results
Maryland Content Standards
Maryland Core Learning Goals and Assessment Limits
Maryland Core Learning Goals Without Assessment Limits
Maryland Maryland Model for School Readiness
Maryland Voluntary State Curriculum
Massachusetts Concepts and Skills
Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks
Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for MCAS Alternate Assessment
Michigan Curriculum Framework
Michigan Early Childhood Standards of Quality for Preschool
Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations
Minnesota Academic Standards
Minnesota Early Childhood Indicators of Progress
Minnesota High Standards
Mississippi Benchmarks
Mississippi Early Learning Guidelines for Four Year Old Children
Mississippi State Frameworks
Missouri Alternate Framework for Curriculum Development
Missouri Curriculum Frameworks
Missouri Grade Level Expectations
Missouri Pre-K Standards
Missouri Show-Me Standards
Montana Content Standards
Montana Grade Level Learning Expectations
Nebraska Academic Standards
Nebraska Alternative Standards
Nebraska Early Learning Guidelines for Ages 3 to 5
Nebraska Essential Learnings
Nebraska Grade Level Expectations
Nebraska Standards That Are Reported
Nevada Academic Standards
New Hampshire Curriculum Frameworks
New Hampshire Early Learning Guidelines
New Hampshire Grade Level and Grade Span Expectations
New Jersey Content Standards for Students with Severe Disabilities
New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards
New Jersey Preschool Teaching and Learning Expectations
New Mexico Assessment Frameworks
New Mexico LITES Standards
New Mexico Performance Standards and Benchmarks For 3 and 4 Year Olds
New York Alternate PI's for Students with Severe Disabilities
New York Core Curriculum
New York Learning Standards
North Carolina Concepts and Skills
North Carolina Early Learning Standards
North Carolina Extended Content Standards
North Carolina Standard Course of Study
North Dakota Content Standards
Ohio Academic Content Standards
Ohio Benchmarks
Ohio Early Learning Content Standards
Oklahoma Prekindergarten Standards
Oklahoma Priority Academic Student Skills
Oregon Grade Level Mapping
Oregon Standards
Pennsylvania Academic Standards
Pennsylvania Assessment Anchors
Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards
Rhode Island Alternate Grade Span Expectations
Rhode Island Early Learning Standards
Rhode Island Grade Level Expectations
Rhode Island Standards and Frameworks
South Carolina Course Guides
South Carolina Curriculum Standards
South Dakota Content Standards
South Dakota Content Standards (without Supporting Skills)
South Dakota Early Learning Guidelines
South Dakota Essential Core Standards
South Dakota Functional Extended and Alternate Standards
South Dakota Performance Standards
Tennessee Curriculum Standards
Tennessee Early Learning Developmental Standards
Tennessee Performance Indicators State
Tennessee Performance Indicators Teacher
Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills
Texas Prekindergarten Curriculum Guidelines
Utah Core Curriculum
Utah Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines
Vermont Early Learning Standards
Vermont Framework of Standards
Vermont Grade Level Expectations
Virginia Curriculum Framework
Virginia Standards of Learning
Washington Early Learning and Development Benchmarks
Washington Essential Academic Learning Requirements
Washington Frameworks
Washington Grade Level Expectations
West Virginia Alternate Academic Achievement Standards
West Virginia Content Standards
West Virginia Early Learning Standards
West Virginia Standards and Objectives
Wisconsin Criterion-Referenced Test Frameworks
Wisconsin Model Academic Standards
Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards
Wyoming Alternate Content Standards
Wyoming Content Standards