Main Office


Guidance Counselors - Chosen for their ability to advise and support you and your family, our counselors are always available to council and adjust a students educational path, to allow each student learn and grow at his or her own pace.

Staff - Meet our Staff, American Distance Learning Academy faculty and staff are veterans in online distance teaching and are practicing educators and professionals in their fields.

Curriculum - Our program is based on a National Standard for Curriculum and Educatiom. Listed is the recomended progression plan for students at various grade levels.

Request Transcript - When it comes time for college, we make getting transcripts very easy. We go over the various ways to request a transcript for college or transfer.

Bookstore - Although classroom books are available online, some students may prefer paper books for there studies. Therefore we also offer the books for purchase.

Homework Help - The web is expansive and we believe it should be used to enrich the learning experience, so we list usefull Tools and Sites that will inspire, teach and expand the learning potential of interested students.

Contact Us - Contact information and an application to send us any questions or requests, even if you don't have email.